City Of Madrid

Madrid is a south-western European city, the capital of Spain, and the largest municipality of the Community of Madrid. Its the third-largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third-largest in the European Union after London and Paris .

Area:  4,610 km²
Population: 3.2 million



Las Ventas Bullring

Madrid hosts the largest plaza de toros (bullring) in Spain, Las Ventas, established in 1929. Las Ventas is considered by many to be the world centre of bullfighting and has a seating capacity of almost 25,000. Madrid’s bullfighting season begins in March and ends in October. Bullfights are held every day during the festivities of San Isidro (Madrid’s patron saint) from mid May to early June, and every Sunday, and public holiday, the rest of the season. The style of the plaza is Neo-Mudéjar. Las Ventas also hosts music concerts and other events outside of the bullfighting season.



  • The Euro is the official currency of Spain and Madrid.


The Madrid region experiences a Mediterranean climate with continental characteristics, with mild to cold winters due to its altitude of 667 m (2,188 ft) above sea level and distance to the sea, including sporadic snowfalls and minimum temperatures sometimes below freezing. Summers are warm to hot, in the warmest month – July -average temperatures during the day ranging from 32 to 33 °C (90 to 91 °F) depending on location. Summer temperatures occasionally climb over 35 °C (95 °F) during the city’s heatwaves. Due to Madrid’s altitude and dry climate, diurnal ranges are often significant during the summer. Precipitation is concentrated in the autumn and spring, and is among the lowest of the cities of Europe. It is particularly sparse during the summer, taking the form of about two showers and/or thunderstorms a month.


Spanish is Madrid’s Official language. Other languages such as English(27%) French (12%) German (2%) are other main languages.

Health and security

  • Madrid is a secure city, and one of Europe’s safest capitals in terms of serious crime. Violent crime against tourists is almost unheard of.
  • Security tips Pick-pocketing and bag snatching is the only real serious crime make sure to keep your bag close to you at all times make sure it has strong straps. Its  less attractive for anyone to attempt to take the bag from you, always keep your bag closed only carry what you have to carry. Try calculate how much Cash you would need for the day keep your cash and belongings at where you staying.
  • Health The Spanish healthcare service is regularly rated among the world’s best, guaranteeing universal coverage and no upfront expenditure from patients apart from paying a proportion of prescription charges. Spain spends about 10 percent of its GDP on healthcare, and is ranked 6th in the EU for the number of doctors with around four doctors per 1,000 people.


  • Take a day to visit the historic buildings.


  • Don’t fight back against pocket thief’s they work in groups.