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National Archaeological Museum is a museum in Madrid, Spain. It is located on Serrano Street beside the Plaza de Colón, sharing its building with the National Library.


Museum of America in Madrid is a National museum that holds artistic, archaeological and ethnographic collections from the whole American continent, ranging from the Paleolithic period to the present day.


Museum Reina Sofia is Spain’s national museum of 20th-century art. The museum was officially inaugurated on September 10, 1992, and is named for Queen Sofía.


Museum Lazario Galdiano is a museum located in Madrid, Spain. It houses the art collection of José Lázaro Galdiano.


Museum Thyssen Bornemisza is an art museum in Madrid, Spain, located near the Prado Museum on one of city’s main boulevards.


Museum Del Prado  is the main Spanish national art museum, located in central Madrid. It is widely considered to have one of the world’s finest collections of European art, dating from the 12th century.


Royal Palace is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family at the city of Madrid, but is only used for state ceremonies. King Felipe VI and the Royal Family do not reside in the palace, choosing instead the more modest Palacio de la Zarzuela on the outskirts of Madrid.


Arab Wall: Dating from the 9th century, these elaborate fortifications were built to protect the Moorish settlement of Magerit or Mayrit that moved to the left bank of the Manzanares River. They stand today as reminders of the first city limits. They originally surrounded an area of around 4 hectares, around a small castle or fort located where today’s Royal Palace stands. Other palaces and castles were also built over the following centuries, until the present-day’s marvellous Eastern Palace or Palacio del Oriente as the Royal Palace is known.